Monday, September 25, 2006


Sunday evening saw about 35 athletes gather at the Western Province Cricket Club for the shirt handing over ceremony.

There was much hype, banter and vibe talk between the athletes as the excitement levels were reaching fever a pitch.

Andre vk - aka Kaasenova - aka ondo's - Team cobra captain - his 4th or 5th trip up to the dam! Usually is the director of the international contingent - last year brought the great danes up - will be interesting to see what he comes up with this year - apparently he's been hanging out at the backpackers in town telling foreign girls that clanwilliam is as big as Roskilde - which is the biggest music festival in Europe.

Andrew the Hatt Hatt Hatt -Trick - aka the Hatt-Trick - debut this year - competing in the whole tri - going up on the Wednesday - pipped to be right up there in the vibe and the tri stakes. along with dave moseley, smasher and myself probably one of the more excited members of the team. also the hatt-trick is the master of the leaping salmon, a dance trick that he'll have to teach milo in the tent this year.

Bridge Bassage - aka Bass - debutante at this years event - competing in the team event with Megz and doorsie - has been spotted on the mountains with doors (not sure if it's collecting wood or training for the tri) bass has also been in the pool at planet fitness, and is looking good for the race. she is however banned from drinking red wine on race day as we'll all be in our shirts.

Megan Carkeek- aka Megz - another debutante at this years event - competing in the team event with Bridge and doorsie, went on a training ride with her yesterday and the team is looking strong for for the tri - will be intersting to see if they can get into the team manatee v team cobra battle and spice things up a little.

Claude Hofmann - aka Pappy - This experienced campagner has been to the dam on 2 previous occasions. Huge part of the weekend vibe, well usually, last year he spent the entire race day somewhere between his tent and the ablution blocks - has just been out in oz and is looking good to bounce back this year on the vibe front.

DJ Gav - Team cobra runner - voted the most colourful athlete at last years event. Will be taking on team manatee runner milo brown who mentioned he may be pushing the 18minute 5km barrier this year. Dj Gav has been putting his running training off lately for some time in the squash court, but team cobra tell me they may have a secret weapon on the bike this year to lead Dj gav out ahead of milo on the run leg

Jackie Sutherland - aka Jax - Jax's 3rd time up to the dam, yet to compete in the tri, but a vital cog in the clanwilliam weekend machine - had her bday on race day 2 years ago and enjoyed upwards of 35 happy bday songs from morning to night. Also just back from Oz and will be heading up on the friday afternoon to soak up the magic.

Jen Mullins - aka CFT - chick from town - aka a C a C a CFT - CFT's making her debut this year - no doubt will be a huge part of the vibe - has been doing some serious swimming training at the constantia virgin active and is competing Philippa and Katie, who are in hermanus tonight, but both amped for the clan weekend. the CFT is also heading up on the wednesday night to make the most of the magic

Matt Wilkinson - aka matt the janitor - matt is another one of the stalwarts in clanwilliam - Matt was lined up for the cycle leg but has had to step into the position of Team Cobra manager - We have to give huge thanks to matt as he is the director of shirt logo design - thanks boet, matt's heading up with the kaasenova on the thursday morning, leaving at five to make it up in time for breakfast i'm told.

Myles Brown - Milo - Mr Clanwilliam - team manatee member - where do I start with milo - he has been up to clan for the last three years and he's basically made the weekend his own. Whether it be stealing hobbie cats, breakdancing with the locals, doing back flips off the bar, running 19min 5kms, breaking down trees, or who knows what the list goes on, definitely a team member to keep and eye on - also Milo is the director of weekend hype and vibe and more importantly director of the bar, which i think is going to be unbelievable on race day

Sally Green - aka the salamader - sal is on debut in clan this year - she was meant to come up last year, but pulled out at the last minute- sal was a little sceptical about having salamader on her shirt as she thought a salamader was a kind of rat - Sal is heading up on the friday and is bound to be a huge part of the vibe with her trade mark laugh being heard all over the campsite

Jill Marais - aka Jilly Bean - another debutante at the dam this year - Jill wanted me to remind all the boys to kindly pack their six packs - Jill's also heading up on friday afternoon - she not competing in the tri this year but I am absolutely certain that she will be competing with Milo for the vibe award in the tent on the sat night

Simon Duffett - aka the gadget king - aka smash - Smash is possibly the most experienced clanwilliam campagner in the room - with this being his sixth consecutive triathlon weekend. I must make mention of the fact that he has come right every year except last year, i hear he's looking to bounce back this year and make amends - Smash is the director of pre-weekend logistics, banking, watersports entertainment and draught, he has raised his watersports directorship to a new level this year with the purchase of a new panache boat, basically smash is a huge huge part of this annual weekend, and it probably wouldn't happen with out him, so a huge thank you for all the efforts boet

Stephen Backhouse - aka koppie - aka Doorsie - debut for doorsie this year - doorsie is competing in the walking running leg with bridge and megz - doorsie has stepped up to the position of Director of wood collection and was seen putting in some serious practice on that front in misty cliff's a few months ago- doorsie will be another huge part of the vibe and is coming up for the magic on the thursday night - top effort buck

Mariam Haroun - Aka Mal - Mal has made one appearance at clanwilliam in 2003 and is making a come back this year - She is available as a runner for any team should anyone need a runner. As a fellow mountain goat i can personally vouch for her ability to run hard on the back of a screaming hangover - we're still hoping she'll come even though there is talk of the rocking the daisy's taking preference over the greatest weekend of the year every year ever

Dave Moseley - aka MOSES - aka ten four roger that over over over- dave is making his debu and is backing himself to chanllenge for the Mr Clanwilliam spot - huge vibe emulates from this athlete - another one fo the few extreme athletes competing in the whole tri and one of the lucky ones going up on the wednesday - also probably one of the most excited athletes in the room - OVER

Kristi le marquand - aka glitter tits - another debutante this year - kristi wont be competing in the tri but as I said earlier and as i'll say again, don't ever underestimate the power of a good support crew - so kristi has stepped up to the directorship of support - she has already made the pom poms and will be getting the ladies going on the side lines. awesome effort Kristi - can't wait to see it

Nikki Pickard - aka Nix aka Nikki pickard nikki nikki pickard -Pix's first comment on the shirts was "these are the ugliest things i've ever seen" but she now informs me that she loves them - pix is making her debut this year, and she falls into the elite group of those going up on the Wednesday and those doing the whole triahtlon, Pix has also been my swimming, running and cycling training partner - so thanks for that Nikki Pix.

Inness Mallett Mass - aka FETCH - Inness is making his debut in clannies this year, he has been spotted at the sea point pool getting some training in. Is competing in the tri with lauren and marty, and will be heading up on Friday afternoon.

Lauren Devine - aka Deedee - Lauren is another debutante at this years triathlon weekend, she's also been spotted at the pool, with inness, Deedee is competing with Inness and Maaaaaarty.

Ash Larter - aka Sebastian - Sebastian is Ash's alter ego, I'm not too familiar with sebastian, but I hear he's pretty special, larter is on debut as well, is hoping to compete but still looking for a swimmer and a cyclist. Ash will be a huge part of the vibe, is going up on the Friday and will no doubt attempt several speeches through out the weekend, most of which will be in broken xhosa

Marty van Staden - aka marty the party - aka Maaaaarty - Marty made his debut last year and wasted no time in getting into the swing of things. He dominated fire making and braaing, captured many a choice moment with the Maaaarty cam, and has been doing some quality work behind the scenes leading up to this years event. director of the braai and corperate sponsorships

Sue Koller - aka play/pause/eject - sue is on debut this year - she's just moved back from overseas and is loving the cape town vibe again - she isn't competing but will hopefully pick up a pom pom and get stuck in with the support crew

Debbie Derman - aka The dermanator - aka dallas - aka debbie does da athletes - debbie is on debut this year , she has also just moved back from overseas and is amped for the weekend - will be heading up on the Friday evening - will definitely be spotted in the tent with the trademark finger on the head twist manouver

Bern Sellmeyer - aka b-dog - bern is another one of the seasoned campagners in clanwilliam - he is stalwart team big guns and team manatee's swimmer - has been spotted at the sea point pool lately putting in some training time- is coming up on the wednesday and will be a huge part of the weekend vibe

There are plenty of photo's from the handing over ceremony and they'll be up soon.

The people are amped, the kegs of beer have been ordered, the weather is looking good.

It's going to be tremendous!!!!!!

Clanwilliam - It's a kinda magic!


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