Tuesday, October 03, 2006

The post is coming


The report on the best weekend away every year ever is on it's way, i promise. With four days of chaos and 70 athletes away for a weekend it's taking a while to get it all down.

I do have something to keep you guys going until the post is up though, Debbie "Dallas" Derman has put up some awesome photo's and video's from the weekend on her blog. www.derman.blogspot.com

Thanks Deb's!!

All the other photo's and stories will be up soon.

Clanwilliam - It's a kinda magig magic!!


Anonymous Moses said...

DavidDavidDavidDavidDAVID! You were right. It was the best weekend in the whole world ever. Thanks for organising. An excellent effort. Next year I think we should go from Sunday to Sunday. The Clanwilliam Shark has got me. Argrhgrhgrghrgrh.

10:42 AM


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